Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nighthawk Records Series!

Hello all. Over the next half dozen posts we'll be looking at the bulk of Nighthawk Records' blues discography from the early 1980s. Nighthawk, like Arhoolie and Delmark, was a U.S. based label dedicated to reissuing rare early blues records. Located in St. Louis, they had an interesting focus on Northern urban blues recorded by first or second generation transplants from the rural South. For this reason there's a wonderful mishmash of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, upright basses, washboards, saxophones and generally a lot of great music where roots, blues, R&B, jazz, boogie-woogie and early rock collide. I'll let the liner notes speak for individual releases, but none of these are less than great.

Also, check out their website and order some stuff from them- they're now a roots reggae label representing some great 70s acts, and attempting an online discography/database of all Jamaican roots records from 1960-1985, Roots Knotty Roots. Tuff work indeed!


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