Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Emotions- Peace Be Still (1973)

Though I'm technically breaking my rules here (this is in fact available in another format- the newly released Wattstax Deluxe Soundtrack), I view it as a necessary corrective, given that everyone I've ever talked to about this group seems to be unaware of their formidable soul/gospel chops. The group in question is of course The Emotions, composed primarily of three Hutchinson sisters: Jeanette, Wanda and Sheila (later Jeanette was replaced by a fourth sister, Pam). The arrangement, on this track at least, is handled by dad Joe. Why, you ask, would people be unaware of such a smoking, shouting powerhouse team? Well these Emotions are considerably more famous for their later work, including the worldwide smash hit "Best of My Love" (as in "woah-oo woah-oo! you got the best of my love....woah-oo woah-oo!"), which went platinum in 1977. Before this, however, they released several albums on Stax and Volt, and generally tore things up in live shows and in the studio. Below is the clip from the movie Wattstax, and though the mp3 upload lacks the preaching intro, the sound quality is considerably better.

You got the best of my love.

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