Monday, December 1, 2008

Mr. X & Mr. Z- Mr. X & Mr. Z Drink Old Gold (1987)

It can be drunk, but only I can drink it, for those that can drink just drink and keep drinkin'.

All right...this song is stupid. And I mean that both in the sense of taking your shirt off and dancing in a threatening way toward group of people you don't know at a club before you throw up on yourself stupid and just plain stupid. But it's the former that we're interested in, and this is one of those songs that as a fan of rap and alcohol you can't really resist. Plus, Mr. X beat The God to it by about 20 years. If you find yourself lost when reading this post and don't recognize the quote above you probably shouldn't download this, because it is stupid, even if it did make fucking Robert Christgau's "Dean's List" for 1987. Sorry to be so cagey but I don't want to ruin the delightful surprise for those of you that have an inkling of what to expect. Enjoy (with acapella)!

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