Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trinity- At His Toasting Best (1978)

They call me Trinity cause I liquidate iniquity!

So Trinity (born Wade Brammer, 1954) has always been one of my favorite chatters. He's not as charismatic as Big Youth or as lyrically complex as I Roy, but he always brings it conscious and he's always nice on the mic. If you remain unconvinced simply check Yabby You Meets Trinity At Dub Station, one of the all-time greatest records out of Jamaica. Dreader than dread and heavier than lead.
I would love to post it here but you can buy it, which you should.

Trinity's "At His Toasting Best" is something of an anomaly in his career. He is credited as producer and arranger, which as far as I know is the only time he sat in the dub seat himself. It's also his only collaboration with a then 18-year-old Scientist, who is credited as Engineer. The deftness of the production, however, makes me think that perhaps it was Scientist who was really twisting the knobs on this one, or Trinity was an exceptionally quick study. The riddims run from Joe Gibbs and Yabby You, and though I'm not convinced that Mr. Brammer never toasted better, the whole thing is a good listen.

The sound quality on this isn't great. The record is in nice condition, but it's a 1982 US repress on Salsoul, and apparently someone over there was sleeping on the mix. I know it wasn't Overton.

Included is both sides of a Trinity 7 Inch from 1977, produced by Tubby. Let 'im tell you 'bout Internal Feelings.



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