Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jah Thomas- Dance Hall Stylee (1982)

I cannot take credit for the original vinyl rip of this fantastic record, nor the bragging rights of having found it in the bargain bin somewhere in the U.K. That honor belongs to a friend on a reggae forum so long ago that I can't even remember which forum it was, let alone which friend. To you: all respect is due. This is a killer and thanks much. You should download this (if for no other reason, of which there are many, [then]) for the great spacey a capella intros to most of the tracks, which come in handy for any DJ set or radio show. Example: "Rub-a-duh uh uh uh ub. You have fi play it at the club: UB! (uub uub ub ub ub ub)" or "Musical selection come to rock the nation. Rock the nation with a this a version," etc. (Can you call something a capella if it features dubbery?)...anyway... Jah Thomas is generally remembered more for his excellent production of other artists, however unlike most producers-cum-chatters (I'm looking at you, Kanye) he has a decent control of the mic and a wonderfully strong, mellow voice.

Jah Thomas is producing and Scientist is on the mix, so you know it's top shelf. This seems to be a second mix on Silver Camel, but there's ongoing debate about whether or not this is in fact the original. Either way, this is some prime rub-a-dub. Enjoy!


[Original Liner Notes]

Side 1
1. African thing
2. Love pon corner
3. Dance a fi cork
4. Seek & find
5. Love one another

Side 2
1. Part two
2. Gwine a school
3. Jah jah guidance
4. Mr. Barrister
5. Two in the family

Roots Radics Band
Bass: Flabba Holt, Lead: Sowell, Drums: Style Scott, Riddim: Bingy Bunny

Tracks laid at Channel One, mixed by Scientist at King Tubbys Studio, Jamaica
Produced by Jah Thomas
Voice and overdubs at Pathway Studios, London, by Silver Camel
Engineered by Gareth Jones
Arranged, edited and mixed by Silver Camel


peskypesky said...

you weren't kidding. this definitely is a great slab of roots reggae. guy has a great mellow voice and the grooves are happy and sweet. thanks for this gem.

Botched Surgery said...

Thanks Pesky!
You're quickest off the gun to comment on any Botched Surgery post ever- I appreciate the appreciation!

peskypesky said...

leaving a comment is the least I can do to thank you and the other bloggers for all the work and generosity. and this album REALLY made my day.

Nick Patterson said...

Anyone know where to find his album "Skylarkin"? Loved that one back in the day...

Anonymous said...

WOOOW. This is def a find right here. Wouldn't find this at my local thrift store.